Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic

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Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


(989) 731-7996

Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic

About Us

Clinic visits are by appointment only. Physician referral is required for participation in this clinic.

There is a charge for this clinic service. The appointment with the physician assistant is billed to the insurance provider as an outpatient office visit. OMH will submit the bill to the insurance provider. Patients will be required to pay any office visit co-pay, or other patient balances.

content imageThe OMH Medical Group Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic helps promote safe and effective blood thinner management. By physician referral, patients can join the clinic and have their blood thinner therapy closely and consistently managed by OMH Physician Assistants.

OMH PAs obtain blood samples (International Normalized Radio (INR)) using a fingerstick technique which is less invasive, easier, and requires less blood. INR results are available within minutes and samples are processed while patients discuss their health and blood thinner medication information with the PA.

Results are promptly forwarded to the patient's physician(s) so they are always aware of how the patient is doing with his/her medication. Our PAs are also qualified and eager to help patients with other medications, diet supplements, herbals, etc.

Our Staff


The OMH Medical Group Anticoagulation Therapy Clinic is staffed by trained Certified Physician Assistant Michael Allett and is conveniently located inside the General Surgery and Laboratory suite inside the OMH Professional Medical Building connected to Otsego Memorial Hospital.