History and Organization

content imageThe Otsego County Memorial Hospital Association was founded in 1946. After much planning and hard work, the Hospital was opened by the Association in 1951. In 1967, the McReynolds Hall Extended Care Facility was opened and the two units served Otsego County until 1973. It was in this year that a new and modern Otsego Memorial Hospital was opened and a trend of building to meet community needs and increasing demands for healthcare began.

In 1978, an addition consisting of a new surgical suite, recovery room, additional emergency rooms, an additional X-ray suite and an addition to the Laboratory was completed. In 1982, the Hospital added another wing for inpatients, new Medical Records and Business Office space, and a Data Processing Department.

In 1990, an administrative wing housing medical records, a classroom and additional office space was added to the first floor administrative hall. In 1996, an addition and renovation program produced a new Emergency Department, Surgical Department, a new main lobby and a basement for storage and a morgue. Most of the ambulatory outpatientcontent image departments were remodeled and located in a ground level wing. Additional parking for patients, employees and medical staff was also provided.

An off-site walk-in care center, the MedCare Walk-In Clinic, was opened in 1996. The Hospital was instrumental in bringing an outpatient dialysis program, Dialysis Services of Gaylord, to the area in 1997. The Hospital remains a 50 percent owner of the service. In 2000, the MedCare Walk-In Clinic moved to a new building designed to provide walk-in services and occupational health services. In 2001, the OB Department was extensively reconfigured resulting in 4 LDRP suites and was renamed the Birthing Center to reflect a family-centered approach to childbirth.

In 2002, the Organization became a limited partner with Munson Home Health, and opened the Professional Medical Building, a 37,500 square-foot structure housing multiple physician specialties. The most recent addition to the main Hospital building took place between August 2004 and June 2006. This construction and renovation project transformed both the outpatient services areas of the facility as well as the exterior façade to represent modern healthcare at its best. Pharmacy, Intensive Care and Ambulatory Care were renovated. The main lobby/registration areas were renovated to enhance patient privacy. Outpatient services in Radiology, Laboratory, Rehabilitation Services and Cardiopulmonary were expanded and renovated to accommodate the growing outpatient services of the Hospital.

In 2007, the OMH Oncology Infusion Center was expanded and relocated to its new location. In 2008, the Montmorency Medical Group and N’Orthopedics joined the OMH Medical Group.
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As the Hospital has grown physically, its services and programs that benefit the communities served have grown as well. Staffed by more than 100 primary care and specialty physicians, Otsego Memorial Hospital provides services in a wide range of specialties. In addition, Otsego Memorial Hospital has become a major employer and economic force in the region.

Otsego Memorial Hospital is a non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors. The individuals who serve on the Board of Directors are elected by the members of the Otsego Memorial Hospital Association. Membership is open to all residents of the service area. The Board of Directors is responsible for policies of the Hospital and the appointment of the Chief Executive Officer.
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The responsibility and authority for the administration of the Hospital is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer. The Chief Executive Officer, VP of Finance, VP of Patient Care Services, VP of Support Services and VP of Physician Services comprise Senior Management. Each Department Director is responsible to one of these Administrative Representatives of Senior Management. Department Directors are delegated the responsibility and authority for the operation of the various departments of the Hospital.

The Otsego Memorial Hospital Foundation, which was established in 1976, provides a comprehensive program of fund development that supports the mission and vision of the Otsego Memorial Hospital Association.

Otsego Memorial Hospital is constantly searching for innovative ways to serve the medical needs of the people in Otsego and surrounding counties. This includes recruiting the finest physicians, bringing new services to the area and recruiting new partners to further broaden the range of health care services available.

The Board of Directors and more than 500 employees strive to continue the Hospital’s tradition of excellence in medical care with a personal touch.


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